Our new multi activity zone

This area is suitable for all ages from 8-80! It has lots of fun challenging games ideal for birthday parties, stags or hens just looking for something fun to do, it’s also great for team building whether it’s a sports team or a work day out we can tailor the games to make them a bit more challenging and competitive to suit your needs.

Gladiator Combat

Get your protective head gear on and you are ready for battle, bash and bang your opponent with our duel stick and try and fight them off by knocking them out of the play area.


Try your footballing skills by kicking the ball through our scoring zones, highest score wins. You can play one round by kicking the ball from the ground and the next round by kicking it out of your hands – let’s see which you are better at.


Get you arms and legs ready to pull your opponent across the finish line, great fun for everybody.


Simply throw the basketball into the hoop and watch the ball roll down the channel and fall into our giant connect 4, first team to get 4 in a row wins. Not as straight forward as it looks, this game can become very tactical very quick!


Simply table football apart from the fact that you are the person attached to the rail – all you have to do is score more goals than your opponent.

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