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What do I need to wear?

We advise, depending on the weather, wear a light T-Shirt and light trousers as we supply overalls which can be quite hot after running around. Bring an old pair of trainers or boots.

What do I need to bring?

All equipment is supplied by Watch Tower Adventures so all you need to do is turn up!

How much does it cost for extra paintball rounds?

Paintballs cost £6 for 100 or £25 for 500

Will the weather affect the games?

As long as you don't mind playing in the wet then no, the weather will not affect the games. The dirtier the better!!!

Can I bring my own equipment and paintballs?

Sorry only markers (guns) and paintballs supplied by Watch Tower Adventures may be used on our premises.

Does it Hurt?

Getting shot by our markers (guns) can cause a short sharp pain on the naked areas of the skin such as your hands.