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Gaddafi's Gaff

Defending team, Gaddafi is on the brink of becoming dead meat your mission is to rescue him from his car as he has been ambushed out on enemy lines and all of his guards have been killed. You will begin in his gaff and make your way out to battle to retrieve him, once Gaddafi is out of his car and on his way back to safety the enemy will attack from their territory boundary. It is up to you and your team to get him to safety, do not let him get shot in the head as he will be killed instantly and it will be game over for Gaddafi and his team!

Attacking team, Gaddafi is in his car on his own as his guards have been shot, back up is on its way and only then will you attack as the more men you takeout the better. Once his men get Gaddafi out of the car and head back to his gaff then you push on with your attack, surround them and try to pick out Gaddafi and finish him off along with the rest of his men!