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Arms Dump Ambush

Attacking team, you set off from your base among the thick cover of the trees in search of an arms dump, which is owned by your enemy who are situated just ahead of you in their fort. You must come out of the thick shelter of the trees and advance behind some bunkers perfectly situated for shooting at your enemy. Amongst your team you must cover your men as they try and steal the explosives from right under your enemies noses, you must get as many of the explosives back to your base as you can, but try not to get hit. 

Defending team, you must position yourself in good view off all your surroundings as your enemy will come out of nowhere to steal from your arms dump. Get your trigger finger ready as they pop their heads out to get themselves in a better position, you must be aware that once they make a run for your explosives it is up to you to pick them out and open fire making sure they don't make it close enough to touch your explosives.